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95 series / new designed switches for Audio and Video

95 - PCB-mountable switch with colour-changing LED illumination
Suitable for mounting on PCBs, with separated spring clip contact holding the switch in place during the assembly and soldering process. Flexible illumination is a maximum of two or three different SMT LEDs of different colors. With this added functionality users are able to easily identify the
status of each function, putting the user in control.

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16 series / 16mm illuminated pushbutton switches

16mm new designed switch with fast switch mechanism;linkage point with auto cleaning dirt,
delicate、integral figure and better price.

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04 and 61 series / emergency switches with 16mm and 22.5mm mounted holes;
un-flush or flush installment

Any machine need to mount emergency switches.
When device stops, you can push emergency switch to restart. It can be used as a stop switch as well.
It is ideal for conveyers, machines, instruments, panels and elevators.

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