Elma Group

Founded in 1960, the Elma Group today is among the three leading suppliers for 19" Electronic Packaging and Rotary Components worldwide.

The wide product range of the Electronic Packaging area includes not only modular systems of sub-racks, enclosures and cabinets but also industrial PC's, systems such as VME, VXI and compact PCI, as well as backplanes for the electronic and telecom industry.
Rotary Components is leading in the technology of rotary switches, coded switches and encoders and is the preferred supplier in many electronic industries. Knobs and LED arrays complete the product offering.

Elma is a leading manufacturer of electro-mechanical components and systems for the Telecommunications, Medical, Industrial control, Instrumentation and Defense industries. Elma offers an extensive line of VME, VME64X, VXI, Compact PCI (CPCI) enclosure and chassis for 19" rackmount use. In addition, to our systems products our innovative selection of Eurocard, IEEE1101.10 and front panel components (LEDs, knobs, test points, etc) is the most comprehensive in the industry. Elma also manufactures a premium line of rotary switches and encoders.

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