EAO Switzerland :
EAO manufactures a full range of expertly designed high-reliability products for Human Machine Interfaces, from membrane switches, industrial pushbuttons and keyboards to custom-built switch panels.
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LEMO Switzerland:
Coaxial, Microwave, Electronic connectors for high and low voltage

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ELMA Switzerland:
Coded Switches ,Rotary Switches , Encoders, knobs, Universal Terminals,
LED-Arrays, Sub-racks, Enclosures, Cabinets

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PCE Austria:
Industrial plugs, sockets, Connectors

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SWANN Australia:
Rocker Switches、Indicators

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MERZ Germany:
Power Switches, Selector Switches, Motor protective appliance

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Code Switches, Modular LED Digital Display

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Float level switches、Multi-Layer LED Light Tower、Rotating paddle level switches、Vibrating fork level limit switches、Area light curtain、IY Series Rectangular compact type inductive proximity sensor
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